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Friday, February 11, 2005

Dreaming of December (this link sucks, search for Whit Honea on the next page)

So I wrote that poem when I was living in Seattle. I don't know if it was Sy's posting of poetry, or the fact that it's been raining here for a couple of days that made me decide to post it. Both I guess. Not to mention that I dreamt of Seattle last night, which alone made me think of the poems title. I miss that town greatly. There is something soothing about opening your eyes in the morning and realizing that the dream you were having was a direct product of the quiet tapping of constant raindrops against your bedroom window. That's the power of suggestion in it's sweetest form.
Originally I'm from Arizona, and of course that is home. My family is there and a good portion of my friend base is still in the greater Tucson area- but, there's always a but, when I find myself drifting to where I would rather be (that's a long list) I always think of Seattle as home. Something there speaks to me, and should the opportunity arise I would move back in a heartbeat. Today even- I could be there in 17 hours.