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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Sunday Night Chat

There was a time when Sunday night meant gathering around the family radio and listening to the president give his "fireside" chat. I believe that the chat itself is still in existence, possibly under a different title, but I don't think many people are gathering around their family radio to hear it. I don't think very many people even have family radios. Family time nowadays is so rare and short that I can't imagine spending it in silence while listening to Bush defend himself. On the few occasions that my wife and I are both at home with Atticus we choose to interact with each other and basically enjoy our little family unit. Tonight is not one of those nights. Tonight Atticus and I are watching the NBA All-Star Game and listening to the new Thrills CD while cleaning the house. Any Sunday night chat in our home consists of me saying anything and being answered with "no" or "ah man". Any gathering around the radio is strictly for dancing. Any thought of politics is crammed into this short, yet rambling, post. On that note, I've got a bath to give, a book to read and one more slow dance with a tired baby. Beat that Mr. President.