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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Bizzaro Boy

Now that I've had a bit of time for reflecting, not to mention to still my beating heart, I am starting to evaluate the effect that the seizure had on me personally. I think what makes it so hard to accept, past the obvious convulsing and passing out in my arms part, is that Atticus is just a tough little kid. It's hard to even think of him as a baby most of the time. He is a little boy. He is always banging his head on something or smashing his finger in various 'learning' moments (I hope). Usually he is like everyone's favorite abominable snowman- "bumbles bounce". He does something silly, bounces back and keeps on truckin'. His resilience boarders on superhuman. It calls to mind a young Clark Kent, but with blonde hair and less abs. I'm not just saying this because we found him in a cornfield in Kansas. That is beside the point. He has always been so tough, and when he wasn't I was always able to 'fix' things with a hug and telling him to quit crying and rub some dirt on it. Enter kryptonite. All of a sudden we live in Bizzaro world and I find myself worrying about things that I used to encourage. No longer am I yelling "jump", I'm running with my arms flaying and shouting "wait!". I suppose it's only natural to become somewhat paranoid- I can just add it to my list: big brother, bongs and babies. Paranoia will destroy ya, so the song says. Obviously, this isn't a good way to walk through life, that's why I gave up Orwell and ganja, but I think I'll stick this one out. Even Clark Kent had his bad days, and he became the stronger for it. (cue Superman theme)