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Friday, March 04, 2005

Breakout for Bonzo or Animals that Should be Shot

See? This is exactly what that tiger could have done. It could have waited 16 years for someone that had previously been mauled by a tiger, yet kept visiting it, to show up with a birthday cake for the mauler then bust out of the cage and tear the guys nuts off. That's what this stupid monkey did. Primate, excuse me, no tail. What is up with that? Get your hands off my boys you damn dirty ape! We used to have a monkey when I was younger- Cha Cha was her name. She was one of those monkeys with the hat, well she didn't have a hat, but the kind you see at the fair that dance to the organ grinder and beg for money. What a bitch that thing was. Hated everyone but some kittens that got into her cage, which she cleaned and carried to all levels of her home, as if her own young. If you were ever silly enough to pick up one of those cats in her view, man, she wanted to come through that fencing and shred you. Really. I bet she would have gone for the nuts. She seemed like the type. Well, she bit me once. It hurt like hell. I didn't get any disease or anything if that's what you're thinking. I think you have to get a little friendlier with a monkey to catch anything worthwhile. Didn't stop the pain though. And it didn't stop me from putting her kittens in a burlap sack and . . .wait, different story. Point is, do you want to kill escaped wildlife that has been held in captivity? Of course you do! Well, make sure you are packing next time you go to the zoo, because the captives are restless and they don't want no stinkin' birthday cake.