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Monday, March 14, 2005

I Run Too

They say it's an honor just being nominated. They being the countless runners-up to those that had to endure the embarrassment of winning. Unless you actually win, doesn't being nominated just glorify your status as first loser? Is it better not to be nominated and lose quietly in your own home, just as I have for every Oscar ever given, or be singled out publicly as an also-ran?
I'm reading a book right now, The Ha-Ha, by Dave King. Very well written story. In Mr. King's bio on the back sleeve of the book it lists his previous achievements: three (3!) masters degrees, which causes me to think that he was more interested in hanging onto his toga then facing the real world, which causes me to think that he's smarter than any three (3!) pieces of paper, and a small smattering of published poetry. Respectable. Then the bio continues by adding that Mr. King was nominated for a Pushcart Award. Nominated.
Do you know who else has a small smattering of published poetry and was nominated for a Pushcart Award? Me, albeit with just one (1?) bachelors degree- but I'm an idiot. I did not know until I read Dave's bio (this is where I switch to a first name basis, based solely on our connection as nominees) that I could list being nominated as an achievement. I was always under the impression that I had to win something for the general public to be sufficiently impressed. My mistake.
Did you know that Bono, yes that Bono, was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize? That is really cool. He didn't win, but his being nominated has me sufficiently impressed. The difference between Bono and Dave and me is that at the end of the day Bono is still a rockstar, regardless of his also-ran status. Dave and I are not rockstars. Of course Dave is now a successful published author of a very good novel and I am tending bar in BFE (this is where I should probably go back to calling him Mr. King).
My achievements are more of the two-legged variety, like a baby boy that is all dirt and smiles. Someday, when I am a published author, and I have just had lunch with Dave and Bono, I will come home and reflect on my achievements: the boy, my somehow living this long despite years of stupidity, and the fact that I have made a full-court basketball shot. I will not list my nominations, except for any Nobel consideration, that would be pretty cool.