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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Life of a Single Dad

No, Tricia and I are fine. It's just that she has been out of town a lot lately for work and I am living the lifestyle, thankfully not with the usual reasons, of a single dad. It's funny though, when she's gone I think I am a better parent. I wake up early because I want to, and make breakfast for the two of us, or even better, we go to breakfast. Then we go to the movies (saw Robots- very funny) or storytime at the bookstore, or a single parent therapy session. Wait. Haven't done that last one. Basically, we bond. It's beautiful. I find myself wanting to call in sick to work just to spend more time with him. Hell, I find myself wanting to quit my job to spend more time with him. That may not sound like a good idea, but man, I can't stand my job, and I sure love my son. That being said, I can't afford to walk away at this point- not with something else available. What I really need is a job where I can work at home. Anyone out there hiring?

Wanted: work at home position with decent pay and benefits, not picky- will consider offer in adult industry with my wife's approval, prefer job that requires lots of coffee and possible writing of tangents on computer, beer a plus. I have my own computer, chair and coffee pot- will require beer. Do not forget money and benefits.
How cool would that be? Then I could be home with my son all the time. I would even consider having a second child (honey, that's a hint) if working from home became a reality.
Ok, gotta go. There's a baby here that wants to spend time with his daddy.