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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Death Trap, USA

My town is a death trap. I have never lived anywhere were random violence and freak accidents are so prevalent. This past week 2 people were shot and killed in two different incidents on the 110 freeway. Another two people were killed while carpooling to work when a piece of metal flew off a diesel and penetrated their van. Closer to home, the posted speed-limit in the surrounding neighborhood is 55mph. This, I'm sure, is why I have seen more fatalities on this stretch of street than any other. A block away a young man was cleaning out his car at the local carwash and was shot from behind at point-blank range. The killer was never found. Just a few days ago, following a little league baseball game, a 13 year old boy hit a 15 year old with malicious intent in the head with a bat- killing him in front of tons of people, mostly kids. Why did he do it? He had lost a game and was being teased.
Has it really come to that? I guess so, since my initial reaction, other than the obvious disgust and sorrow, was amazement that it hadn't happened sooner. This town caters to acts of violence and it makes a very strong argument for the life of the shut-in, that is until they become victims.
Some make the argument that our society is no more violent than it has ever been, the information is just more readily available. I'm sure there is some truth to that theory. Others say that movies, music and video-games have made youth oblivious to the reality of violence and death (among other things), and as much as I am anti-censorship and all that, I can't help but feel this theory is also correct. So what is it that has honest people living in fear? My personal opinion is that the idiots are running the asylum, and the good people of the world have become nothing more than pawns- ducks in a shooting gallery for all of those that lack any sort of compassion, respect or moral fiber; Castro, Bush, Bin Laden- they all have more in common with each other than with the people they represent, and when you add them all together the sum is clear: the world has snapped and all we can do is tivo it.