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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Free Day

Tricia went out of town for the day with her parents and Atticus, giving me an opportunity to do anything I want, a clean slate, in essence- a free day. So I slept in, which is probably the greatest non-monetary gift I could possibly receive. Then I got up to make coffee and thought to myself, screw it! I'm going to go for coffee. A flood of free day activities came pouring in and suddenly they were being shot down left and right. Some, like getting drunk in the afternoon, were not practical because I still have to hit the grindstone at 4:00 today. Some, like getting lap dances, riding roller coasters or viewing art, were not feasible due to distance and/or conscience. The rest, like going to Target for a new DVD, or the mall for some shoes, were not really considered because, let's face it- that stuff is more fun with Atticus. So what will I do on my free day, other than waste part of it typing this? I'm going for coffee. I may go buy a lawn mower, and I may use it. I may or may not take a nap. Then I'll go to work and look forward to coming home to my family all tucked in their beds. I'm sure a beer would be appropriate at that point.