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Monday, April 25, 2005

The Relatively Bad Monday

Monday. The day universally accepted for the magnitude to which it sucks. So far this morning I have been dragged out of bed much earlier than I had planned to rise. I have had my toes crushed by a runaway recycling bin. I have discovered a pile of cat crap, thankfully (as if you can be thankful to find a pile of crap in your house) it was left perfectly in the bathtub drain. Thank you Norman for your consideration. This is how my day has gone thus far and it just cracked 9am. Oh well, I have the day off and as annoying as things have been they are just that- annoyances.
The news greeted me this morning with more tales of disaster and loss of life due to stupidity- the stupid parties ranging from George Bush to Japanese train conductors. Also, the 5th shooting in two weeks occurred on an LA freeway, this victim appearing to be the first that may live. The violence here is insane. Ignorance is rampant. It amazes me daily that a whole culture exists that wears it's lack of sense like a badge and glorifies things like shooting innocent people as rights of passage.
As it is, I suppose the list of people with a Monday worse than mine is far greater than those with one better. There are people all over the world that would do anything to be stubbing their toes and picking up crap in California, USA, rather than worrying about such things as disease, famine and violence. Oh wait, the violence doesn't change here- it is just slightly less warranted. People aren't killed here for reason of political and religious expression (ridiculous as that is); no, people here get shot for daring to drive on an LA freeway.
The nerve.