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Sunday, May 29, 2005

1000 Bars- One Man's Journey

1000 Bars- Check out Mr. Dan Freeman. He has taken on the task of visiting 1,000 bars in one years time. I know what you are thinking, hell, I visited that in a semester back in college. Two things- no you didn't, and he can only count each bar once, and it has to be an actual bar (translation: having a beer at Denny's just because you can does not count unless said Denny's has an actual lounge in it).
Mr. Freeman has taken some wise steps on this journey. He got ok'd by his doctor and he doesn't drink 16 screwdrivers in half an hour on nickel drink night. That was me and that was stupid. Woke up with orange carpet and magic marker graffiti all over, yes all over, my beautiful bod. My friends are funny like that.
No, he's not pounding crap beer and cheap liquor, he's picking the good stuff- touring in style. I'm impressed and obviously jealous.
Good luck Dan.