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Thursday, May 26, 2005

And the Wind Cries...Allergies

Growing up I had allergies. Real bad allergies. When I was tested for 50 possible irritants, I was allergic to 47. My nose was a constant red beacon reminiscent of Christmas deer and town drunks due to the sandpaper being passed off as paper towels in our public schools. I was fairly miserable.
At some point I started taking shots. Not jager, that was later, but actual shots, 6 a week, for at least a year. My arm looked like I was from Seattle, full of tracks and fury, but unlike Grunge music the result of my treatment actually stuck around. I was allergy free.
This is not to say that I could stick my face in the lawn for 12 hours and wipe my nose with the cat, no those extremes would still trigger a sniffle or two. However, I thought that I had seen the last of uncontrollable sneezing and afternoon headaches.
Then I move here. We've been here two years and I can count the number of days sans wind on one hand. This wind, it's not a breeze or gusts in the night, but rather full-force 25mph + winds that knock over your bbq and layer your house in a daily inch of dust. It carries something else also, the end of my allergy resilience.
I have been kicked square in the nose by this town. My allergies are such that I am unable to spend my free time out in the much neglected yard but must instead battle the dust and dander of my tiny hot home.
We won't be here much longer. A couple of years at most. We started to create a long list of what we wanted from our new location and out of nowhere we have a new champ- no wind! Sorry Chicago. Wherever we move next my head will be clear and the only shots that haunt me will be fast and cold, poured lovingly from a dust free glass.