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Monday, May 30, 2005


It is bittersweet, this growing up. Every day is new and exciting. I can’t wait to go to ball games and movies and have conversations with my son. I look forward to the person he will become. Yet, I am in no way ready for him to start that process. Life in the now brings such happiness that it borders on addiction. I crave our time together like others crave heroin.
That is why I will get up at 6:00. Begrudgingly of course. I will get up because my son wants to get up. For reasons unknown.
I will let him crawl into bed and snuggle with us in the night. I will carry him whenever he wants to be carried. I will give him as many kisses as he will tolerate.
Many people suggest that other steps should be taken rather than allowing him such acts of babyhood. Really? He is still a baby, under two years old. When then, should such strings be cut?
I say keep them strung tightly for as long as you possibly can, because one day that sweet baby boy won’t want to wake up for anything. He won’t even consider crawling in our bed for a safer nights sleep. He’ll be too big to carry and the idea of kissing his parents will embarrass him.
One day, much too near, he won’t want any of this from me, and the thought of losing that is more than enough reason to get out of bed at 6am. However begrudgingly.