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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

When Did the 'Old' Start? Or How to Ruin a Nice Gesture

Did that 20-something kid just call me 'sir'? Did I just call that 20-something a kid? Yes, old age is a state of mind and my state is looking more and more like Florida- full of old people and themeparks. That being the case you may be asking yourself, wow, how does Whit look so good then- he could easily pass for late-twenties himself! Well Self, you're right, something I attribute to living right- basically breathing as much as possible and chasing it with 8 glasses of beer a day (I know, but there is water in it). I stay away from all the bad things- smoking, hard work and strippers (6 inches away in San Diego County).
Something else that helps is a little thing called happiness. I know what you are thinking- happiness? What the hell does Whit know about happiness, all he writes about is getting shot on the freeway. This is true.
Thing is, I am happy. I've got a great wife with which I am celebrating 4 years of marital bliss (very romantic- she's working now, and I'm working later, I'll pass her in the garage) and a son that is just the bee's knees, whatever the hell that means, who will be two in a month.
That there may be the secret. You either let things like marriage and kids give you grey hair, or you let it keep you young. Sure, I have my share of grey creeping in, I never said it was easy, but I have found that playing with trains for an hour a day does a lot for the ol' mojo.
Youth, like most things those little carrier monkeys called children carry, is contagious.
Likewise, marriage has qualities of revitalization. Having a list of chores, a curfew and no money really take me back. I am 15 all over again. I have the pimples to prove it.
Just kidding Honey. I know that your nudges are in my best interest and that I am grounded for my own good.
All of a sudden I am digging a hole here. Of course, the purpose of this post was, and hopefully still is, to wish my wife the happiest of anniversaries in a scenic route sort of way. Marriage, and all that it implies, is not the easiest way to get through life- but I think it's the best.
It keeps you young at heart...and out of trouble.