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Friday, June 17, 2005

Hot in the City

So we're in Tucson. In June. Say no more. Man, if it weren't for the fact that it is beautiful here I could otherwise be convinced that we stood dangerously close to the open gates of hell. Hot. Sad thing is, it's not that hot by Tucson standards- a mere 104 yesterday. It will tickle the bottom of 120 at some point this summer- during which I will be home enjoying high winds and tsunami warnings.
The thing, besides the scenery, that makes it all bearable, is the fact that I am more or less on vacation. I can put up with all kinds of things with a cocktail in my hand.
So far we've been taking the boy on the rounds- meet and greets. He works the room like a seasoned pro, shaking hands and kissing ladies. The kid is smooth. I taught him that.
The only plans we have left are a birthday party and seeing Batman. Everything else is just gravy. Piping hot gravy.