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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Long Time No See

Wow, a whole week has passed without a posting. That must be a new record. There hasn't been much to report.
I was in the process of putting together my resumé for a job at the local paper when I realized that somewhere in our many moves I may have lost all of my clippings from my stint on the college paper. That means that should I be offered a job it will be much lower on the journalistic food chain. This of course sucks.
I don't understand how things get lost when you move, especially when you do it yourself. Seems like I would notice a box filled with some of my more important keepsakes. I have the other 20 boxes with clothes I'll never wear, cassettes I never wanted and porn I'm not allowed to watch. How do I lose the good stuff? Figures doesn't it?
Also, I was offered a job opportunity yesterday. Sales. I'm not sure I'm cut out for that sort of thing, although it was with a legit media giant and the pay-commission based of course, can be somewhere in the 6-digit range. Needless to say I'm not ruling it out. It's just that I have always dreamed of being on the 'talent' side of any media venture, not busting my ass behind the scenes. We'll see.