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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Welcome Back Foo (& other CD's you should buy)

Yes, the Foo Fighters have finally released a new album. In truth, they have released two albums in one package, one loud and one not so loud- according to the sticker on the case.
In Your Honor is a fantastic mix of straight forward rock and roll, catchy hooks, beautiful melodies, ripping guitars, thundering drums, soft moments of introspect and lyrics ranging from the whimsical to those deserving of literary merit- often in one individual song.

Foo Fighters are a band that does what many have tried and failed, successfully create songs within songs by adjusting tempo, among other things, and weaving tunes that drive you at various speeds along an always changing winding road. The scenery flashes between urban cityscapes filled with beer, sex and brawls to endless beaches filled with beautiful girls smiling in the sun.

I hate to play The Beatles card here, but it's true, it has been my long standing (and winded) opinion that Foo Fighters are one of very few bands that have been able to pull off this sort of experience since the lads from Liverpool called it quits.

What does this mean to you the consumer? It means you are spending too much time reading this and should get of your arse and go buy this album. (***** out of 5)

*other summer releases of note:
Ben Folds- Songs for Silverman: Beautiful and lush with cutting wit, both heartfelt and cynical overtures of romance guide this piano driven album. Ben Folds remains on top of his game. Includes tribute to the late Elliot Smith. (*****)

Jack Johnson- In Between Dreams: If sitting in sunshine or by beach campfires and drinking beer with people you care about is how you like to live your life, and man I hope it is, then this is the album for you. Everyone's favorite ex-surfer delivers the closest thing to an official album of summer as I have ever heard (at least since Pet Sounds). Living in Hawaii is good for the soul- and his soul is good for your ears. (*****)

Coldplay- X&Y: More of the same, true, but the same is damn good. Intense song writing caressed by sweet melodies. That sounds good doesn't it? (****)