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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Ebonics be the shiznit yo.

Perhaps no piece of this country better represents the ideals of the American dream than California. At least on paper. Yet,just as Bush has illustrated on a larger stage what happens when the right goes wrong, California is suffering the repercussions of liberals gone wild.

People in California are afraid to move because any misstep will get you sued (and any car ride will get you shot). People here in California sue and win over things like their coffee being too hot or being shot while robbing someone's house. Someone at sometime decided that the ACLU was just too darn conservative and that we, as a state, need to protect the rights of the stupid and misguided.

Enter ebonics. Due to low test scores a California school district is trying to implement ebonics as an actual language rather than the demise of one. What better way to ensure that the black community remains unable to shed stereotypes, obtain better jobs or secure higher wages than to weigh them down with the misconception that it is okay to be lazy and ignorant of what is, for better or worse, their mother tongue.

Bill Cosby must be furious. Sir Charles Barkley must be irate. Snoop Dogg must be relieved.

Stupid is as stupid does. If we embrace our failings rather than strive for improvement we will be the worse for it. Excuses need to stop.

Education is a weapon that is worth mastering.