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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Help Me Change

I've been told by readers on here (and actual people with faces in the real world) that I have grown past my usual cynicism and started spouting billingsgate towards the world and those in it. While I would normally write this off as pure bunkum I can't help but find a small trace of agreement deep within me. Therefore, I have decided to undertake a hegira of sorts- a personal journey to make myself take the world a little more lightly, with a spoonful of sugar if you will.

This is where you come in. Chances are if you have the intelligence and good graces to read this blog you are probably not part of the, I mean my, problem. I will wager that you know many who are. In order to blow sunshine in my general direction would you please locate the stupidest people you know, most likely people you work, live and/or worship with, and smack them aside the head. There are too many problems that we have no direct contact with (I hope) like presidents and terrorists, but by undergoing this grassroots campaign of smacking stupidity out of those around us perhaps we can make our immediate surroundings a little more livable and hopefully (cross your fingers) bring me back to where I once was, just an innocent, lovable cynic.

Thank you for your help.