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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Some People Don't Deserve Anything from Anyone

Joseph Edward Duncan III, the pig that kidnapped, raped and killed two children in Idaho, after killing their family in front of them has been linked via fingerprints to another kidnapping/sexual assault/murder of a 10 year old boy in California from 1997.

This is just disgusting.

I am a liberal by many accounts, but I will be the first to acknowledge that "treatment" of people like Duncan does not work, and frankly, they don't deserve such a chance anyway. I don't care if the guy wasn't breastfed or his dad was gay or whatever crap that they pin blame on in cases like this- there is no justification for these types of actions.

Quit wasting taxpayers money by coddling these animals. Quit wasting the lives of children by letting these beasts walk the street. If and when guilt is proven in cases of child abduction and assault take the piece of shit out in the street and shoot him. Or let the crowd have him. That is how you confront their "issues". It is the only therapy proven to work.