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Friday, September 02, 2005

Sand Through the Hourglass

Time is a funny thing. We take it for granted and covet it equally, in intervals of action and memory. It is a concept designed by man and seems to get forgotten next to our most popular creation, money. Yet, I believe it is the more precious of the two. Money comes and goes. It fills wants, buys love and stabs you in the back. Time makes no such distinction. It goes and is gone forever.

I find myself watching my son with a quiet insight of melancoly and happiness. I gaze upon him like a piece of art, a living changing performance piece. It brings a soft smile to my lips. Like any masterpiece he is perfect, but unlike a Van Gogh or Picasso, when I view him next he will not be the same painting I saw last, but something new- learned from experiences and hardened that much more to life.

These moments are fleeting. Every second I have spent with my son, despite living inside of me, is gone forever. I look at him and smile and enjoy every breath, even as each moment gives way to the next.

If you have a child please get up from your computer and go to where they are. Hug and nurture them and hope that they need it as much as you. Time is not on your side, it is of the essence.