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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Bring Beer

Ok, I've got the computer back. Our den is also our guestroom, and I've been denied access to the computer during my usual writing hours, seeing as how old people go to bed really early for some reason. What's up with that Mom?

How was everyone's turkey day? Ours was great. The wife is a fantastic cook and made the whole spread despite being 7 months pregnant- good food that will be sitting in our refrigerator for at least two months.

Does the whirlwind tour stop now that the last of the family has driven back to Arizona? Hardly, we have breakfast with visiting friends in about 30 minutes, assuming Tricia and Atticus can get out of bed, and we have dinner tonight with other visiting friends, assuming Tricia and Atticus can stay awake that long. And that is how it will be until New Years, hell, until the baby is born really. I should probably leave the couch folded out. It makes for better naps anyway.

If you are planning to come for a visit you may want to book now. Guests bearing gifts have first priority.