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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Mediocre Tuesday

Don't forget to vote today. Vote no on props 74-79. Or is it vote yes on them? I can't tell. The commercials for and against seem like they are saying the same thing. Well, they seem like they are, but the 'for' commercials feature Gov. Ah-nuld, and I can't really understand too much of what he is saying. I'm just voting to get rid of the commercials.

Speaking of commercials, I saw one for Campbells soup that you heat and drink- for us on the go types, and it kind of grossed me out. I'm not sure why. There isn't much difference between putting a spoon in a bowl and eating soup or putting a cup to your lips and drinking soup. The idea of eating coffee with a spoon doesn't gross me out, it just seems stupid. I guess I'm just so set in seeing soup as a food product, that the idea of it being a beverage is, well, unsettling. Of course it's not nearly as bad as Jones Soda's Turkey and Gravy drink.

Here's where I take it full circle, or at least relatively close. Talking about Arnold and his commercial reminded me of a certain young man's 8th grade yearbook, in which he listed his hero as Mr. Schwarzenegger. What the hell was that kid thinking, Arnold had only been in a couple of films by then, granted his best films, but hero? Man, that kid was a dork.