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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Beauty of the Blog

It's funny how this thing works. I sit in my pajamas drinking beer at midnight or coffee at 6am, typing my heart out like confession for the world to see. People read it. I am connecting with people I will never meet in places I will never go. It's funny how this works.

In the past few days I have been contacted by friends I seldom see and family I didn't know I had. I am connecting with people I hardly see in places I soon hope to go.

It's funny, this silly little blogging thing, but it has done things for me that I couldn't do alone. That makes it worth it.

What is interesting is the people that don't read it, like my sister and most of my closest friends, in short the people that have the most at stake in me and what I do. Does it hurt? Of course it does. Does it matter? Probably not. Thank you to those of you that take the time. I am enjoying this dialogue, one sided as it may be.