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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Disneyland Info Needed

Our family will be spending this New Year's Eve at Disneyland. We have never been to the parks on this day before and understand that it is about as packed as it can be. Having been there for gate-closing capacity crowds twice this year I think we can handle the masses. On both of those previous days we were allowed re-entry into Disneyland once we had been admitted despite the fact that the gates were closed to new arrivals. I assume this will be the case again. Also, as an insurance policy we are staying on property, and supposedly all guests of Disney hotels are guaranteed admission to the parks (with ticket of course). Hopefully my assumptions will prove true, because we are definitely going to require some nap time if Atticus and, let's face it- us, are planning on being in the park until the 2am closing time.

I was hoping that some of you out there may know of special events and/or activities that are scheduled for the holiday. If so, please post them or email me.