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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A Note on Basketball: I Call Shenanigans

As you are no doubt aware, I am a fan of the Arizona Wildcats. It's not just that I am an alumnus, it is deeper than that. I am from Tucson, and UofA basketball is the religion in that town. Therefore, you may understand my frustration with the sad fact that the Wildcats have dropped out of the regular season polls for the first time since 1987. That is a good portion of my life. It was as constant as air and as dependable as the rising sun.
No longer. Despite the fact that the Wildcat losses have come on the road to the #2 and #11 teams in the country, and a very legit Houston team, they have fallen from grace. If Duke lost three games to ranked teams they wouldn't even fall out of the top 10. That is because Duke is the NCAA version of the Wailing Wall, with media and Dick Vitale lined up to plant kisses upon them and place their basketball dreams within their crevice.
Meanwhile, Lute Olson has a team that deserves a ranking somewhere in the late teens, and will certainly place much higher as the season progresses, at which point all naysayers will deny ever having dumped on Arizona to begin with.
And I will laugh the laugh of he which laughs last.