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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Place I Work Sucks (Again)

Usually when I vent about my work I don't put the name of the company. Don't bite the hand that feeds you and all that. However, since that hand is refusing to feed me, or my coworkers, and is taking away all funding for our annual Christmas party, then I shall no longer show them consideration. It's Chili's.
Take Ebenezer Scrooge and mix him with Felix Unger, boil them in a pot of bureaucracy , add a dash of fajita spice and there you have it- the world's stingiest bunch of red-tape tight asses ever to hawk a burger.
It's bad enough the other things they do to their employees, but this is just ridiculous. I want a Christmas party! I want crappy gift exchanges, girls throwing their asses on the copy machine, bad and awkward decisions made in the heat of the moment that can alter the course of employee interaction for months to come. I want a party!
In the past I've worked for various Chili's restaurants that have rented bars, hotel ballrooms, and even the Redhook brewery for our holiday gatherings, but not this Chili's in BFE, California, despite our being the 4th busiest in the state and 7th company wide. No, we get a lump of coal and a kiss my ass.
It's almost enough to make you want to eat at Applebee's. Too bad their food sucks.

Don't feel bad. They don't care about you either. Merry Christmas Suckers