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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Reality television. What's up with that? Makeovers and dancing, singing and weight loss, these are now the things of primetime. Television in general is going the way of one of its once rebellious offspring, MTV. Music Television used to showcase, brace yourself, music. Now it is one diversity special/ girls gone mild infomercial. It is lame.
Television used to have shows and movies, leaving reality to sporting events and the evening news. Now it has been bit by the reality bug and instead of being smushed by the end of Survivor's first season- it has multiplied like an army of roaches.
This isn't to say that there are not quality "reality shows" out there, but really enough is enough. If people want reality they should look in a mirror. If these shows were really telling it like it is it would be filled with endless video of blank faces and big asses sitting on couches and eating ice cream.
If people like shows about helping people, maybe they should go help someone. If they like shows about dancing maybe they should take some lessons. If they like relating to others like themselves then they should go to Wal-mart.
In the meantime give me what I was promised when I bought my television set. Give me entertainment.
I have to go, Idol is on.