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Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Turkey, The Witch, and My Wardrobe

The turkeys, officially the "Happiest Turkeys on Earth!" were pardoned by King Turkey and flown with your tax dollars to live a life of leisure in sunny California, where they will get bigger and fatter, and let's face it, tastier. Does the pardon expire?

The witch, excuse me, queen, was all scowls and ice. In a nutshell, she was exactly like every other woman I've ever met (just kidding, not you). The Queen of Narnia was kind enough to scare my son and exchange banter with me as to whom it was that I should serve. I told her I was serving turkey.

My wardrobe is not on backwards or being shown as a negative photo. The writing is for me and the mirror. It's my personal daily affirmation. Well, not daily, that would get gross.