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Friday, March 24, 2006

Hello Bored Surfers and Disney Blog Readers!

Look, I know you are only visiting here because Chuck Norris said you could, and for that I thank you, and of course I thank Mr. Norris, just as I do every night when I kneel at my bedside. That being that, let me welcome you to our little slice of heaven: Welcome.

I realize that some of you have been here before; family and friends that read my blog just enough to humor me and keep me on the radar, but some of you have not, and my, are you in for a treat (as long as you don't put too much emphasis on the term "treat" that is).

This here is The Honea (Ho-nee) Express and it ain't pretty, but it's your date. Take a look around stranger, hang your hat and stay a while. Refreshments are served on the hour.