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Sunday, May 28, 2006

The League of Attractive Gentlemen

Have you ever had someone say that you look like someone famous, only to have said famous person be unattractive, overweight or some other trait that you don't care to have associated with yourself? I have.
I have been told I look like a lot of famous people. I have had Kevin Costner a few times. Harry Connick Jr., Anthony Edwards and Tony Hawk have all been mentioned. The other day I was told I looked like some NASCAR guy named Gred Biffle. More than any other I get, or used to before he beefed up, Nicholas Cage. I could live with any of those. None are model material, but they're all decent looking guys.
Last night some drunk at the bar said I looked like Chris Elliot. The guy is bald and goofy. Balder and goofier than me. It actually hurt my feelings, which alone is amazing. I can't remember the last time I cared what people thought. It wasn't even that I cared what this clown thought so much as whether or not the people around him agreed or not. A lot of people telling you that you are bald and goofy can make you feel slightly more bald and goofy. Thankfully nobody joined in.
The drunk actually continued talking to me like I was Chris Elliot, asking about my career and such, to which I quickly responded with a quick "fuck you". He shut up. Still, it kind of bugged me, hence this post.
Here, you be the judge:
Anthony EdwardsGreg BiffleKevin CostnerChris Elliot (Not me!)Tony Hawk Whit HoneaNick CageHarry Connick Jr.