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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Cars in the Rearview Mirror

Cars has received some mediocre reviews from a few media sources. Allow me to go on record and state otherwise: the movie is great.
I'll admit that I was not gung-ho (car movie reference) about the film despite my acquiring the X-BOX game prior to release (thanks to an ignorant and apathetic store employee) and Atticus knowing all the characters by name due to commercials and merchandising alone.
All I saw was a movie about NASCAR, a "sport" that I've always had too many teeth to enjoy. Always, even before I had teeth. The trailers I saw didn't do Owen Wilson justice. His voice-over felt flat and dialed in. That wasn't the case.
Cars was funny and sweet and created the urge to hit the road and see what it is that we take for granted. Of course, the first thing we'll see is the gas companies taking us for granted, which nips a journey before it begins, but the idea is nice.
So is the movie. Enjoy it.