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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Founding Fathers of Blogdom

For years now I've thought that the internet was strictly for porn and fantasy football. Occasionally I will get an email. However, in recent... hell, last night, I discovered a whole new world (thanks Aladdin). Apparently I am not alone in waxing the word Dad on these lonely glass pages.

I've been doing a lot of parenting online, you know, instead of spending time with my kids, and I have made some interesting and fun discoveries, namely The Blogfathers who are a group of guys, with guests posts from some enlightened women, that have formed an internet collective, pulling from their own experiences, their own blogs and apparently on the occasional finger. It's really good stuff. It's comforting to know that there are other dads out there that are able to stop surfing porn and actually talk about their feelings. Not in a soft way though. In a dad way.

There are actually parenting blogs for everyone, including the oft-mentioned moms. Sarah & the Goon Squad being my most recent discovery. In fact, The Blogfathers have an extensive list of writings about, for, and by parents. No, I'm not on it.