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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Extreme Makeover: Baby Edition

I used to be a bit of a clotheshound. Granted, it was long ago, and for a short period of time, but I looked good. Over the years I've shaken that habit. Now I look like crap. But seriously folks, I still enjoy the quality of Banana Republic over it's ugly little sister Old Navy, but I am also not above buying a shirt at Target or wearing my Foo Fighters concert tee from six years ago. Did I mention it has pit stains?

So why is it that the minute I find myself in a Baby Gap or the like I go crazier than a rooster in a henhouse? All of a sudden my boys need everything from their underwear out to have those big block letters splattered across them. G A P, an acronym for Gimme Argyle and Pretty People (they dropped the second "P" for reasons of redundancy), is about need. It's about filling those needs. According to it's couture, GAP sponsors everything, including baby track teams, dog shows and Christmas.

Am I a slave to fashion? Doubtful. Do I care about quality, even though they will outgrow it long before it sheds a thread? Kind of. Is it freakin' cute and I'm a sucker for my kids looking freakin' cute? You betcha!