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Monday, October 30, 2006

It's the Great Costume Contest (Your Name Here)

First of all, Happy Halloween to you and yours. Hope your holiday is filled with treats and tricks. Especially the kind of treat that is a trick, although that costs extra I understand. Screw Unicef, spend your money on a holiday hooker.


I'm having a costume contest. Use the camera in the left sidebar to submit a photo. I'll leave it open until Friday and post the winner(s). There will be prizes!

In order to win you must send me your email, or post your site address in the comment section for your photo.

Exposed breasts may increase your chances of winning.

There will be 3 categories: Adult, Child, and Pet. By pet I mean an animal, penthouse pets and "the gimp" will be considered under the adult category.

I accept bribes.

Prizes have no actual value. Chances in winning are pretty damn good. Probably 1:1 judging by the traffic I get through here, but nothing is guaranteed.