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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Bad Music & Dumb Kids

I know Disney is trying to be hip, and I suppose they are, but this Choo Choo Soul crap just drives me crazy. Give me Dan Zanes any day. Or this.

I appreciate that the music is supposed to appeal to parents as well as children, I bought They Might Be Giants kid album(s) for that very reason, but the stuff that Genevieve is pushing is not for adults. It's for people that let their kids play with Bratz dolls.

Basically, it's J-Lo for the pre-teen set. Basically, it's crap.

Perhaps I'm tainted by the fact that I work with a collection of 19 year olds that personify stupidity, and this kind of music is their soundtrack. Perhaps I'm tainted by the fact that it is crap. Have I mentioned that?

Personally, I want my kids to have an appreciation for music that extends past Ugg(ly) boots and bling. Is that too much to ask? Sometimes the hip thing isn't the right thing. Especially when it's crap.