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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Dad Centric Jumps The Shark

I've put up my first post at Dad Centric. Will it be my last?

Depends on what they think about a boy and his wiener.

UPDATE: I applied in all my innocence/ignorance to Federated Media Publishing recently and they kindly responded that, while they liked my site, I needed to up my hit count by about 60,000 a month. Sure, no problem.

Luckily, they do carry Dad Centric, and guess whose post got picked up by FMP this week? That's right. Mine. I know, there is no "I" in team, and therefore I am thankful that we, the Dad Centric team, got the top spot. I just went out there and tried my hardest and the good lord willing, we got us a win. You just gotta take it day by day and keep your eye on the ball.

Thanks FMP for picking it up. Thanks Dad Centric for believing in me. Thanks Steve Jobs for creating Mac Pro. Thanks Maker's Mark for giving me the false since of security needed to face the world every single morning. Thank you Sally Field for liking me, for really, really liking me.