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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Aqua Teen Terrorist Force or Kaufman Prank from Beyond the Grave?

Oh, why is the Daily Bugle always picking on poor Spiderman? Doesn't J.J. know a hero when he sees one? Well, Spidey is not alone anymore. The superhero (according to the intro anyway) team of Fry, Shakezilla and Meatwad are getting press that would make Spiderman blush.

Apparently the creators of the show and the upcoming movie, which is basically a longer version of the show, placed some questionable ads all over some of America's major markets. Boston was the only town that bothered to notice them.

I'll admit, I loves me the Hunger Force, but despite the fact that it gets better ratings among men 18-34 (35 if you count me) than CNN, it is still not recognizable by the average man on the street. The fact that the ads were placed in subways and purposely made to resemble explosive devices complete with blinking lights was, in hindsight, not as smooth a marketing campaign as intended.

Is it funny? Kind of. It reeks of Wellesian paranoia at a time when our fears are most validated. Was it appropriate? Probably not. Some people, you know who I'm talking about, can't take a joke, and when that joke literally stops a major city from functioning during the middle of the week, well, it's gone too far.

Here's a theory, the Aqua Teen Hunger Force are in constant battle with the Moonites (as seen blinking in a subway near you)and Andy Kaufman, the one guy that might think this joke didn't go far enough, is called The Man in the Moon. There's a common belief out there that Kaufman isn't really dead, and now this? See where I'm going?

Maybe not.