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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My Head(er) Just Got Better & Other Tidbits of Blog Puberty

I am in debt to Peter of Chocolate Makes It Better fame (and of course fellow hipster at DadCentric) for taking what was once a boring piece of blank space and filling it with my new header. Fantastic!

Not only did he do all of the work, but he had to walk me through the damn thing like my life coach the first time I had sex (to the left, to the left, to the right, to the ...what the hell? Ah, you're pathetic!). It didn't hurt as much this time.

I've also done a bit of tweaking myself. You know dumb-guy stuff that I could figure out on my own. Namely I removed the link that used to be across the top of the page for my Honea Express Soundtrack and replaced it with a fancy little window over in the left sidebar. I also added about 70 more songs to it. What can I say, I loves me the music.

Here's the Ipod tangent.

My wife has been using an Ipod Nano with her Nike+ running shoes and has gone from running 0 miles a month to having run over 50 miles in January. The damn thing keeps track of miles and calories, talks to you (along with messages from Lance Armstrong) and plays your workout music. She just hooks it to the computer and Itunes gets freaky with Nike and she gets a little bundle of exercise joy.

Me? I got the second-hand Ipod Mini when she went all Mork on my ass (Nano-Nano...I know it's nanu, but this is my post).

As far as I know they've stopped making the damn Mini, but that's okay, they've gone smaller. Who says size doesn't matter? Click here for an Ipod Shuffle review.

End Ipod tangent.

See, I'm going through some changes here, ala puberty. Pardon me if my voice cracks.