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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tragically Hip

The badass hipsters at DadCentric got some love this morning, all over the USA (Today). Don't worry, we'll wipe it up.

Big "Guy Love" props to our main man Jason for using "the man" to promote the um, men I guess.

What's it all about? Who the hell knows? It's just us doing what we do- used to be called being a "guy". Stuff like me sitting here with my kids watching Nick Jr., playing with Merlin and letting Atticus wear his Beatles t-shirt for the third day in a row. We haven't changed, and instead of setting the bar (ummmm, bar) too high, the rest of the world has decided to celebrate us for stuff we've been doing all along. Complicated? Not a bit.

USA Today also mentioned Babble, which I was too stupid to be a part of when I had the chance and now I live in a state of regret (CA). Call me Jay!

Also given mad props was the Neal Pollack book Alternadad. Obviously the book is getting some good reviews, and yes I'm reading it. What I don't understand is why the two (2) bookstores I went to on Sunday only had one copy between them. Not in a "we ran out" way, but in a "we didn't know this book was featured in The L.A. Times and USA Today" way. Hey Barnes & Noble, it's also been picked up for a movie, so clear an endcap.

Follow the links, and check out the rest of the DadCentric guys too. This can be your ticket out of nerdsville sucker.

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