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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Trouble With TiVo

Thanks to the glory of TiVo I have been able to maintain a constant viewing pattern of the shows I enjoy most, Scrubs, House, 30 Rock and Heroes. It's been nice knowing that my random and hectic schedule won't prevent me from Turk & JD singing about guy love.

The one thing that my wife and I never took into consideration was the rip caused in the space/time continuum when we wish to watch our recorded fix. Somehow a thirty minute show, twenty minutes sans commercials, now takes over an hour to watch.

It took us over two hours to watch House the other night.

The culprit(s) of course are the needs and desires of our children. Can't they stay full of food and poop for 20 minutes? The constant pausing and stopping, the standing and sitting, we're getting more than our share of calisthenics. I feel Catholic.

The option? Watch the programs at night. Late at night. This is what I did last night, well this morning actually, when I got home from work. I opened a beer, some ginger snaps and plugged the headphones into the tuner for an hour of uninterrupted Heroes action. It was bliss.

Of course I didn't get to bed until 3am and was greeted by the son(s) much earlier than my groggy little brain could comprehend. I'm mush right now.

At least I caught up on my programs- in record time. I also ate too many ginger snaps.