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Monday, February 26, 2007

Almost Paradise

...and now for a moment from Footloose:

Ren: You like Men At Work?
Willard: what men?
Ren: Men at work.
Willard: well where do they work?
Ren: No, they're a music group.
Willard: well what do they call themselves?
Ren: Oh no! What about the Police?
Willard: What about 'em?
Ren: You ever heard them?
Willard: No, but I seen them.
Ren: Where, in concert?
Willard: No, behind you.

No, this isn't a continuation of my bacon withdrawals, but a big woo-hoo for purchasing my Police tickets today. They're playing at Dodgers' Stadium. It's going to be weird seeing something successful there.

The bonus, as if one is needed, the opening band? Foo Fighters! I'm footloose and fancy free today my friends.

Everybody cut, everybody cut.