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Monday, February 26, 2007

Monday Morning Stuff

The Oscars were on last night. I watched about 15 minutes of it. Well, ten really, since I made a mad dash for the remote and put it on What's Happening Now? as soon as Celine Dion hit the stage.

I had thought that watching members of the Academy pat themselves on the back might be fairly entertaining, hell, John Stewart was funny last year, but no dice. Aside from Ellen being obviously not funny and Philip Seymour Hoffman looking like his hair had joined Soul Asylum, there wasn't much for the buck.

I actually gave Hollywood a pretty good snubbing, first I watched Arizona beat ASU in hoops, and then I watched Bordello of Blood on some random HD free movie channel. It's hard to beat gratuitous T&A, vampires, and the fine acting of Dennis Miller. Of course, this is basically the Nielsen version of knocking the Academy in the head, in fact, I don't know that I could have slapped the Oscars harder if I were Ike Turner.

In other news, I bought something this weekend that we haven't owned in over 7 years- a microwave. My wife, being something of a gourmet has refused to let one of these crap boxes in our house. Namely, she is against the fact that anything "cooked" in a microwave looses about 110% of its nutritional value. I have always argued that nothing with nutritional value has ever been put in a microwave.

Actually, it hasn't bothered me at all. It's not like I'm going to cook bacon in it. Even before I gave up meat I would never have done such a thing. Have you ever had microwaved bacon? It's like eating a slightly pork-scented scab. Or a lock of Philip Seymour Hoffman's hair. Man, that never gets old.

The final straw in our microwaveless life broke Friday night when Thing 1 and I popped some corn in his Mickey Mouse popper......and it sucked.

Yes, he had fun, so of course we'll do it again. The thing is I freaking love popcorn, and what with my lack of attending movies (where good popcorn lives) and my giving up a major food group, I am craving a fix more than ever. Friday night I ate that sucky popcorn, put my bowl in the sink and drove to Target to buy the cheapest microwave/expensive popcorn popper I could find.

It's in the laundry room, but it's here.

Lastly, I've spent the weekend trying to jazz up the look of this page, and while it looks pretty darn good on my computer, it is only viewable by half of you. I think I'll tweak it again. I know I can't please everyone, but I don't want my background to be so annoying that it keeps people from visiting me. I get lonely.

Come back again, I'll pop some corn.

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