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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Wow Wow Widget: With an Update Question

Amid the clutter in the left (only) sidebar of this page you may notice two (2) new widgets. One is for DadCentric and one is for The Disney Blog, respectively. They are updated automatically, or soon thereafter, with the latest headlines from each blog's post.

You too can have these fancy bits of magic on your page, be it blog or myspace. If you are interested click on the link below the widget of your choice.

Did I mention all the cool kids are doing it?

Also, did you notice I made some other changes as well? What do you think?

Updated question: is everyone able to see both panels, one on either side of the blog body? It looks fine on my .mac, but Fonzie's PC is barely showing one side. Is this a monitor issue or a platform issue?

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