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Friday, March 09, 2007

36 on a Thursday

It happened. I turned another year older without a scratch.

We had a good time. We opened up a new restaurant bar and broke them in on the fine art of "keep 'em coming" and how to deal with the goo-goo eyes of dirty old men (not mine, the older and dirtier guys at the table).

I stuck to beer for the most part, although I did get talked into a Scooby Snack shot and one limoncello, both by lovely women with a slight slur. I'm a sucker for that sort of thing.

The kids, in case you are wondering, were safe enough sleeping in the car out in the parking lot. Don't worry, I left the window cracked.

Actually, they were staying the night with Tricia's parents, so I couldn't use them as an excuse for not drinking, although I did use the impending morning and the return of fatherhood as reason to pace myself. Good call on that one.

Here are the gifts that people bought me last night. Not sure what they are trying to say. Only one gift wasn't alcohol, and that was a grilling apron with the Anchor Steam logo on it, so it was close enough. Truth be told, I'm still working on a bottle of Maker's that I got on my birthday last year. Luckily, it keeps well.

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