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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Friday Night Live

Jay, aka The Zero Boss, has a little thing he throws together on Friday nights called Drunkblogging, being exactly what the name implies. Usually it consists of a bunch of bloggers turning his comment section into a bar top.

Last night he took it up a notch and went on air. He broadcast the event live on broadband radio with his special co-host Rachel of CrankMama fame.

I crashed it. Maybe it was the beer. Perhaps I was feeling good after finding myself the subject of a shout out, rather than the usual shout at that I receive. Thanks to Kyle of Beabo's Ramblings for that. Whatever the reason, I had been ditched by the Fonz and the wife was at work, so I put Things 1 & 2 in their respective cages and called in.

First time listener, first time caller. What can I say, I'm pushy like that.

We chatted about a number of things, namely Seattle and the time I put Nair on my nipples (boiled those bad boys like Maine lobster). Also, I finally got that job offer from Jay that I have been coveting, but rather than a writing gig it appears I may be the next Zero Boss butt model. Hell, it's a living, and Nair down there doesn't even faze me after the burn.

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