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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Jerk & My Fist

My wife has a new job. She is very good at it. Excellent in fact. She enjoys it and the company is the better for her being there.

One of the lesser links on the team is causing her trouble. The guy is a total dick. He is strongly disliked by the employees and most people that meet him. He doesn't do his job, he lies and he disrespects everyone but his boss- his male boss anyway. He disrespects my wife openly and without remorse.

My wife is stubborn and not the easiest person to get close to, trust me, I've tried (that's called comedic relief). She is, however, a professional and has gone to great lengths to accommodate the jackass. She has worked on the aspects of her personality that could possibly trigger whatever delusions that a coworker might harbor. He has not made an effort to bend or mend.

The company has big plans for my wife, she is an up and comer, a real prize for them. The jerk is an anchor with a nose layered in ass marks.

There are "talks" today to rectify the situation. I don't know that it will. For reasons unknown, Jerk has the ear of a corporate guy, and that guy controls too much of my wife's career for me to take it lightly.

Why am I writing this? Because I'm angry, and to be honest, I feel violent. I don't ever feel violent. Okay, I get pissed and throw stuff once a year when Arizona loses in the tournament, but other than that I'm pretty mellow.

I don't like seeing my wife come home, after slaving away for 12 hours, upset about Jerk instead of proud of the progress she is making. I don't like that he is able to affect her to the point that it effects us.

The guy is like 5'nothing. 5'2" with the goatee. I am dangerously close to kicking his ass.

That is probably the real reason I am writing this. If I have it in print that I want to kick his ass it becomes less likely that I will decide to do so. He's the kind of weenie that would read this and press charges of pre-meditated whatever. Writing this makes me act like a grown-up and not come out swinging.

However, if these "talks" don't make my wife feel better I may say "fuck it" and knock the jackass out. I have a feeling it would be worth it.