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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Weekly Top Nada

So I'm listening to Kasey Kasem's Weekly Top 40, and my favorite part comes on, the long distance dedicaion. This one really hit home, "Dear Kasey," he read, "I live in NYC with a brand new bathroom and 7 confirmed water balloon hits on Sarah Jessica Parker.

"I have a friend named Whit, prounounced Hh, that just thinks the world of himself. His basketball team lost in the first round of March Madness...again. He took it kind of hard. I understand his bracket is equally pathetic.

"Kasey, could you please play Arizona by The Scorpions for Whit. He's the egg in my tossed salad.

"Sincerely, Croutonboy."

And he did. Kasey is good like that.

So, I'm hanging out over at Cheeky's Hideaway, you know, for reciprocal reasons, and I notice a comment suggesting that people only post blog entries when they have something to say.

Sure, that looks great on paper, but if I did that then this blog would have only 3 entries. Or it might have a million. Hard to say. I generally don't have anything pressing to share, although it has happened, yet the stuff I don't have to say is said fairly loudly and I like to think with a touch of humor. That's got to count for something. Right?

Do people read blogs because they think the writers have something to say, or do they just like the way that they say it, it, apparently, being nothing. Hell, Seinfeld was about nothing and it did okay.

Am I calling myself the Seinfeld of blogging? I wish. I'm more of the Castanza in this world.

Kasey, I told my readers somthing so wrong, but then they listened too long. Can you play One Thing Leads to Another by the Fixx for them?


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