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Friday, March 23, 2007

Who Are the Bloggers in Your Neighborhood?

I've been reading with some interest the adventures of Karl as he visited Sizzle and is now thinking of blogging his way across the country, a modern Travels With Charlie, if you will. His plan consists of staying with other bloggers. I offered my spare bed and a bunch of Guinness.

Sarah has been melancholy over the moving of some friends that she met through blogging. You know, met, like in real life.

This got me to thinking about who it is that I've met in the world of bloggers. Thus far I've had beers with Jason and Whiff and conversations with Neal and Rebecca. Then there are friends that were friends prior to becoming bloggers, like Booth!, Bill, & Ed. To a lesser extent, as far as actually "meeting" someone, I ruined 15 minutes of a radio show by rambling on to Jay and Rachael about my ass and Nair (all I can say is 7 Lemoncillos).

Everyone I've met has been cool, and the ones I knew already were obviously cool or I wouldn't be friends with them. Come on, I only roll one way and that's down coolhill, baby.

I would like to think that I have made some sort of impression on them, but seeing as how most of them haven't bothered to even add me to their blogroll (yes, that again) I'm thinking my hill may not be tall enough.

I would like to meet more of you. If anyone finds themselves in the L.A. area anytime soon, let me know. I'll give you one of Karl's Guinness.

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