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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Donald is Even Goofier

The other day I wrote about Goofy and his pursuit of some action. Turns out the one that is really ruffling the tail-feathers is Donald.

While searching for a suitable pic of the foul-tempered bird for the post below I came upon some not so suitable pics of Donald getting his.

Warning: The first picture includes a hooter, and it's not an owl.

This first pic was apparently taken on a day that we were at Disneyland. We were able to see this dirty girl perform, but apparently we missed the real show.

Here we see what Donald drops his dollars on.

This pic, while hopefully obviously not the intention, has got to make any parent uncomfortable. Really? WTF?

Of course, what is a list of weirdness without saving the best for last.

So whose next? Chip and Dale?

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