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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Anymore Questions?

I just sat down to answer some email and read some blogs, resigning myself to the idea that I didn't really feel like posting today when it happened. I was tagged by Island Girl, and since she called me Mr. Honea, managing to show me respect and call me old in the same breath, I will humor honor her request (and quickly too, I'm good like that). The thing is, it's the "10 new things about me" meme, and since I've been blogging all over Gore's green Internet for a few years now, there isn't much I haven't shared. Oh well, I'll think of something.

Ten Things About Me

  1. I worked for a combined 12 years in childcare and the public school systems. I enjoyed it but was not happy with the politics of it and the amazingly unfair (low) pay scale for a job that I felt was quite important.

  2. I was suspended for 2 weeks in high school for smoking pot.

  3. I have a tattoo of Mickey Mouse. It is one of four tattoos I have.

  4. Whit is short for Whitney, and while I've met over 10 men with the name during my life and only a few girls, everyone always thinks it is a girl's name. Fuck you Whitney Houston.

  5. My family was among the first settlers in the town of Marana, AZ. It used to be all cotton and mesquite, but is now golf and commerce. My father is the mayor.

  6. I once peed on a friend on purpose. He was carrying a rowboat over his head and walking uphill. He couldn't move and had to stand there until I was done. The other guys in the group knew I was going to do it and we all laughed. The guy had it coming. That was twenty years ago and we're still very good friends (all of us).

  7. Whenever I'm in public with someone famous I secretly enjoy seeing people out of the corner of my eye trying to figure out who I am. Hint, I'm not Whitney Houston.

  8. My wife and I were walking through The Grove one day and were interviewed by e-Harmony about our relationship. Supposedly the footage is on the material you receive should you join their service. I've never seen it. Let me know if you have!

  9. I ate meat yesterday for the first time in 4 months. I'm okay with it.

  10. Since I've become a father I've also become a sap and have been known to tear-up over the silliest stuff. I'm a 36 year old Dick Vermeil (played by fellow Arizona alumni Greg Kinnear).

Okay, that's that. I know this meme has been working it's way around, and I can't remember who has done it and who hasn't, so if you have and I tag you, sorry.

I shall tag The Holmes, The Kettle, and The Minx. Tag y'all.

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